The port city of Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Mother City- as the city is called- has many attractions for both first time tourists and also the returning tourists.

Sitting beneath the imposing Table Mountain, the city is one of most urban cities in South Africa. Since Cape Town has many attractions to offer tourists, we have compiled a list of interesting and must-do activities that will guarantee a memorable and unforgettable experience in Cape Town.

  • Ride on a Cable Car on Table Mountain

The Table Mountain is arguable the most important tourist attraction in Cape Town. Whether you are entering the city by plane, road, train or boat; the iconic mountain’s sight will welcome you.

The view from the summit of the mountain is an awesome sight to behold; from here you will see the peninsula and also Robben Island- notoriously known as the prison that once held Nelson Mandela.

An easy way of getting to the summit is by using the Cable Car which takes tourists on a quick and joyful ride to the summit of the mountain. The cable car offers the opportunity to have a good and full view of the city.

  • Dive in Shark Infested Waters

Gansbaii is known for having a large population of great white sharks. It’s located in the Western Cape, South Africa and it’s a very popular tourist destination.

Tourists come here and dive in the waters of this fishing town, to experience sharks in their wildest habitat. Shark cage diving is a great way to see the sharks- no reason to fear- this is a very good adventure for those that want to get their adrenaline rushing.  It is also a great place for whale watching.

Gansbaii also has a lot of great beaches for those who love white sands and pristine waters.

  • Challenge your taste buds

Cape Town is dotted with lots of restaurants with wonderful and delicious cuisines. Both local and international, their culinary skills are very outstanding. You can go ahead and check their menu. If you love fish, you will get lots of tasty fish delicacies on the menu of many restaurants.

With fresh ingredients, great interiors, and breath-taking views, Cape Town restaurants are absolutely world class.

  • Get Jazzy

Cape Town is a great place for jazz fans. Every year, Jazz festivals are held and many great musicians attend to entertain the multitude of tourists that troupe in to enjoy the best of Jazz.

The Cape Town International Jazz Festival is an annual jazz festival held in the Mother City and its one of the biggest musical festivals in the world. So for jazz lovers, Cape Town should top the list of cities to visit.

  • Visit the Penguin colony on Boulders Beach

Of all the beaches on the coastline of Cape Town, none is as beautiful as the Boulders Beach. The beach is protected and there is limited access which makes the environment and facilities clean and tidy.

The beach is home to over 2000 endangered African Penguins and it’s the only place you can get close and personal with these lovely and flightless birds. Watching these birds is through a boardwalk which goes around the beach. This wonderful place is a must visit for tourists.

  • Visit Robben Island

If you know your history well, the Robben Island is the prison where the famous Nelson Mandela was held for 18 years. It is located on an island in the Table Bay.

The Island was named ‘Robben’ (Dutch word for seal) by the early settlers, because of the large number of seals at that time.

A tour of the island is guided by former political prisoners of the island, who will take you through the history and life on the island. You will get to see the prison cell where Mandela occupied and also the quarry where he served hard labour.

  • Take a City Sightseeing Bus Tour

Using City Sightseeing Buses is an awesome way to have a stunning view of Cape Town. Their open top red buses afford tourists the chance to have a clear view of the different attractions that the city has on offer.

The double-decked buses will take you to the attraction you wish and is also accessible to wheelchair users and also a special Kids Club commentary for the children.

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