Located in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, this 16-hectare world class facility is a fantastic fun spot for both young and old. Divided into 6 sections- the Sea World, Village Walk, Kids World, Dangerous Creatures, Chimp and Zee and Wet’n’Wild; the park is specially designed to give guests an overall thrilling experience.

The uShaka Sea World boasts of the largest aquarium in the Southern Hemisphere and an amazing marine life. Don’t miss the large underground aquarium which is home to different exotic marine creatures like sharks, turtles and many more. Marvel at the intelligence of dolphins, seals and penguin as they entertain you with amazing displays and stunts at the Dolphin stadium. You are sure to enjoy your visit as watching the fishes swim with style and grace also far away from danger is quite an interesting experience.

Visit the Wet ‘n Wild and get that perfect indescribable feeling you’ve been yearning for. This section is a fun fresh water world of slides and pools for both adrenaline junkies and also the feeble-minded. The park has the highest water slide in the Southern Hemisphere as well as unreal slides such as The Body Tornado, Mamba Tunnel Slide, Supertube, Mini Supertube, Multi Lane Racer and many more. Don’t miss out on these rides be ready to be blown away

For that unique shopping experience, you can’t afford to miss the Village Walk. This section offers the best of shopping experience with open-air environment offering guests top-notch entertainment, family fun, shopping and dining. The park’s tropical and naturally refreshing ambience complements the endless fun you will witness when you visit.

Your kids can have endless fun at the Kids World with attractions such as Africa’s largest jungle gym, Crabby Beach, Polly’s Paint Pen (painting paradise), and many more. Take them to the exciting Mascot or bird show, where they will meet and play with uShaka’s birds such as; Sulfur Crested Cockatoos, Green Wing Macaws and Blue & Gold Macaws. You could even have your kids celebrate birthdays here.

Experience some rope climbing adventure at the Chimp & Zee Rope Adventure Park. For a truly thrilling experience, you can jump on the Beginner Rope Adventure which offers 18 different elements with two zip-lines over the turtle enclosures and Rocky Reef.

The uShaka Beach is available for beach lovers who want to rendezvous in the African sun and sands. This magical park is a superb spot for celebrations like weddings, special birthdays and also available for beach activities such as surfing,

For the brave hearted, there is a Dangerous Creatures section where you can find black throated monitors also known as the dragons and venomous snakes. This is an adventure adrenaline junkies will surely love.

The foodies also have a lot to enjoy here. There is a restaurant in a phantom ship where you can have a lovely culinary experience with superb views of shark tanks. Laden with different flavours from all the corners of the world, you can try out the local KwaZulu Natal’s delicacies.

This world-class theme park is perfect for family get-togethers as there are fun and entertaining activities for both young and old.  The park was designed with kids in mind- a place where children truly have the freedom to play! Why don’t you try this lovely experience and give your family a wonderful and unforgettable exposure.

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