Invigorating thoughts cloud my head at the idea of striking a safari visit off my bucket list. Raw, wild adventure virtually unfettered gives you that unparalleled experience of natures’ best. Take time out to imagine Africa’s big five (lions, rhinos, elephants, buffalos and leopards)roaming the vast lands all within reach with no screen, no cages, just thin air! Super exciting!

Such an experience must be properly planned and that’s no regular feat either. There are quite a number of factors to consider to prepare for such a trip and I’ll be highlighting a few.


An experience on a safari is second to none and there is probably not enough reported talk that can be compared to the real deal so it’s best to keep an open mind and expect nothing but the absolute best! Cancel all fears because the safari is perfectly safe.

It’s also very important to note that you should adhere to everything your guide tells you. Their primary concern is to keep you safe and keep the animals from any harm.


Probably one of the most important factors to consider is what you plan to wear to see lions andSUV sized bison. It is always recommended you wear comfortable clothes with cool colors that help you blend right in.

Wear light fabrics but carry a jacket for the cold mornings so once it gets warmer in the afternoons you can take it off and stay cool. You’ll likely want to take sunglasses and hats along to protect your face from the harsh safari sun. For shoes, wear full cover shoe that arevery comfortable.


You’ll be far from medical supplies on any safari and the best you can get in good time is first aid. So a few weeks before your trip be sure to get checked and vaccinated. There are few important vaccination shots that tourists are excepted to have taken before traveling to safari destinations and some include; malaria, rabies, yellow fever, typhoid, chicken pox and polio shots.

If you will need to get a larger doze of regular prescription drugs, do so. Pain relief, antiseptic creams, anti-diarrhea tablets,hand sanitizers will also be super handy.

Also important are items like sun screen and insect repellants. You don’t want to be bothered by the feisty bugs on the safari when you are busy having the experience of a lifetime.


Hey, you’ll be going back in time so it’ll be nice to take some of your fancy gear from the future to save some memories.

First on the list should be your camera, lots battery power, memory sticks, chargers, power adaptors, binoculars and mobile phone must not be left behind.

FINAL TIPS: Change some cash to the local currency, Pack light, organize your items neatly and chip in a book or two for pastime.

Thank me later 😉

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